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Operational Programme Eastern Poland supports development of innovative entrepreneurship and investments in urban transport, roads and railways that are important from the point of view of territorial accessibility.

The Programme has four priorities:

  1. Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland,
  2. Modern Transport Infrastructure,
  3. Supra-Regional Railway Infrastructure,
  4. Technical Assistance. 


Funds under this Programme part are earmarked for supporting companies in creating innovative products and services, use of design in building competitive advantage and multifaceted preparation of entrepreneurs to enhance their activity on foreign markets. The Programme also provides for support for young people in setting up and developing start-ups in Eastern Poland.

Action 1.1 Start-up platforms for the new ideas

This Action envisages a comprehensive idea acceleration programme in Eastern Poland. The programme is addressed at people aged below 35 who have an idea for an innovative start-up to be pursued in the macroregion.

Support is granted in two stages. At stage 1, in the framework of Start-up platforms initiators will be offered expert assessment of their ideas, as well as support in preparing and implementation of an adequate business model. Once they develop an innovative product or service and a business model, at stage 2 of support start-ups can apply for a non-returnable subsidy for company development.

Innovation centres selected by way of a contest will be responsible for animation, i.e. preparation and then implementation of the Start-up platforms. The Action also involves the other actors of the ecosystem of support for young start-up entrepreneurship (inter alia city authorities, universities, other business environment institutions).

Action 1.2 Supporting the internationalisation of SMEs

This Action is addressed at enterprises from Eastern Poland which see prospects for development in international expansion. Support focuses on providing comprehensive and individual advice to companies, as well as thorough preparation of the entrepreneur and his/her offer for sale on foreign markets.

Action 1.3 Support for supra-regional cooperation ties

Under this Action co-funding is provided for:

  • Projects of SMEs that belong to supra-regional cooperation ties (i.e. cooperating companies) that result in emergence of innovative products and services by introduction of own or acquired R&D results (Subaction 1.3.1 Innovation introduction by SMEs);
  • SMEs creating innovative network products around specific thematic areas matching the scope of regional smart specialisations common for at least two voivodeships of Eastern Poland (1.3.2 Creation of network products by SMEs).

Action 1.4 Competition design

This Action concerns creation of innovative products and services using industrial design by SMEs. Thanks to comprehensive support that covers design audit as well as preparation and implementation of a design strategy, companies will successfully extend their offers, thus becoming more innovative and competitive on the market.


Co-funding under this Priority is intended for development of urban transport in Eastern Poland voivodeship capital cities (Białystok, Kielce, Lublin, Olsztyn, Rzeszów) and road investments significant from the point of view of transport accessibility.

Action 2.1 Sustainable urban transport

Funds granted under this Action support creating new or expanding the existing green urban transport networks in voivodeship capital cities and their functional areas (inter alia construction or reconstruction of bus, trolleybus and tramway networks, intermodal transport interchanges, acquisition of low-carbon fleet/rolling stock, and development of IT systems streamlining the functioning of urban transport).

Action 2.2 Road infrastructure

Support is earmarked for important investments along national and voivodeship roads near Lublin, Rzeszów, Białystok, Kielce, and Olsztyn, as well as along voivodeship roads in the functional areas of these cities.  


This Priority covers rail investments that contribute to improved access to major macroregional and external labour markets and public services. Thanks to support there will be better railway connections between Eastern Poland voivodeship capital cities and other major cities in our country. The new infrastructure will improve the quality of travel and efficiency of cargo transport.

Action 3.1 Railway infrastructure

Co-funding is intended for investments in line infrastructure (inter alia electrification of some sections, replacement of obsolete infrastructure elements), point infrastructure (passenger service areas, i.a. stops, shelters, footbridges and other objects) and rail traffic control systems on the Eastern Main Railway Line that connects Eastern Poland voivodeship capital cities.


This part of OP EP serves, on the one hand, streamlining Programme management, and on the other hand it contributes to smooth and correct implementation of projects by the beneficiaries.

Action 4.1 Support for the implementation process and Programme promotion

Co-funding is earmarked for actions in the area of management and implementation, including Programme monitoring, evaluation, audit and control, and for ensuring an efficient information and promotion system.